Individual services

  • Individual services

    You do not need a complete reprint of an article but would be content with a short summary of the relevant content on one or two pages?

    Then you may want to try our study brief „Nutshell“, a brief, concise sales tool highly estimated particularly by your reps.

    Your files show already a considerable number of published studies for your product but you cannot afford to purchase reprints of every single article?

    Then our medical writers will summarize every study in a brief summary and create a complete literature compendium which we can publish in our own journal series „Premium Selection“. This solution is most flexible, quickly produced at comparably low rates.

    You need a publishable manuscript based on your own rough data?

    No problem for our medical writers who will develop content and style of the publication with you. If desired we can have the final text published for you in a renowned medical journal.

    These are only a few examples from a variety of individually tailored communication tools which we can produce for you and together with you.

    Just contact us.